Frequently asked questions
about My Home In Marseille

How do I change my password?

If you want to change your password, simply log into your interface then in the tab 'My Profile> Change Password' enter your new password and confirm it. Do not forget to validate.

If you want to change the email address linked to the account, simply log into your interface then in the tab 'My Profile' enter the new email address you want to link to your account. Do not forget to validate.

If you want to change the information on your profile or your profile picture, simply log into your interface then in the tab 'my profile', replace the existing information by the new ones. The same applies to your photo, click on it to upload a new one.

My Home In Marseille is intended to be an interactive website in which each member enriches through his comments the community of which he is part. Therefore, you can leave reviews in three different situations. First, when you are a holidaymaker who have stayed in one of the properties listed on My Home In Marseille, the second when you are an owner on My Home In Marseille, you can leave a review about your tenant once he has stayed at your place.

Both owners and tenants have the possibility to reply to a review left about them.

We remain vigilant to ensure that our website remains a place of courteous and relevant community exchange . We will delete any comment containing personal attacks or insults and any irrelevant comment.

When owners and tenants agree on a reservation through one of the websites My Home In Marseille, the booking conditions agreed by both parties at the time of booking and the terms specific to the property booked serve as a rental contract. You do not need to sign any other contract.

When a tenant makes a request for information or reservation, the owner is notified by email. He also receives an alert via a text message. It is the same for the tenant who is alerted of the responses given to him by the owner, provided that he has already communicated a mobile number during registration.
This text message alert system is set up by default. To stop it, just log to your account and amend your profile.

The cost of text message alerts are borne by My Home In Marseille and therefore these alerts are totally free for the owner as for the tenant.