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The website My Home In Marseille is exclusively dedicated to holiday rentals in Marseille

If you wish to spend your next Holiday in Marseille or in the surrounding Provence, you will find on My home in Marseille website houses and apartments for rent in Marseille and it's various areas. An exclusive villa to rent in Endoume (the upper side of the old harbor), an apartment in the city center of Marseille, a loft style apartment in Marseille vieux Port, here are the type of accommodation you can find through My Home in Marseille. Consulting our websites, you will also have the possibility of finding holiday rentals in Cassis, Sausset Les Pins or Aix en Provence. Choose your location and select your property among our offers!

Our supporting team is always ready to help in case you encounter any difficulty in picking up the right property.

Whether you are an owner wishing to place an ad on our websites or a tenant looking for a holiday home to spend your next vacation, we invite you to visit the various My Home In destinations! 

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