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The harbor of Marseille

The superb harbor of Marseille advances favorable conditions of navigation. The Frioul archipelago is a first-class tourist resort housing a variety of species of singular birds as well as an preserved endemic flora.The history of the Phocaean city goes back to the earliest Antiquity. Under the harbor, a thousand and one treasures bring happiness to the underwater archaeologists. There are wrecks of all periods. Despite the many discoveries, the seabed will never reveal all their secrets.The great personalities of which...

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Cassis and Aix-en-Provence, two treasures near Marseille

Marseille, the Bohemian and Phocaean city of France, is a real invitation to tourism that will allo you to discover as many splendors united in a single village of treasure. It is the second largest city of the metropolis after Paris and is located in the south-east of the country at the edge of the Mediterranean.Like any other French city, Marseille is also rich in exceptional treasures that really deserve to be granted a few moments, even just a few...

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Good restaurants in Marseille

Traveling to Marseilles and not tasting a bouillabaisse would be a pity,  but it is still necessary to know which establishment you have to request. In the city of Marseille, the restaurants are numerous ... There is something to suit all tastes.But as in almost all major French cities, Marseille also has a lot of corners, renowned to be real tourist traps where you can taste local specialties that have only the reputation, but not really the flavor ...To find...

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Water sports in Marseille

A wildly excited atmosphere invades the Marseille beaches as soon as the summer rears its head. Hustle and bustle, music and of course all sorts of winter sports prevail on the shores of Marseille where more than 200 000 visitors meet to make the most of their holidays.Attend the great winter sports tournament in Marseille, it's like living exclusively the competitions that almost look like those of California. Entries are free so that everyone can participate.Every year, the opening of...

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The islands of Friuli

The islands of Friuli represent an archipelago located about 3 km off the city of Phocea. The latter is made up of 4 small islands, of which Pomègues, Ratonneau, If and Tiboulin each one more exceptional than the last. Their complex reaches an area of ​​200 ha and is part of the 111 districts of Marseilles related to the 7th district.The Castle of If, one of the remains of the islands of Friuli is an incredible French construction built on...

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The festivities in Marseille

"Jack London" at the Center of the Old Charity in MarseilleIt is a festivity that helps to create value and to pay tribute to Jack London. The Center of the Old Charity dedicates a unique and particular exhibition telling the adventures of the writer in the South Seas.In the years 1907 and 1909, Jack London undertook several voyages, beginning with Hawaii, the Marquesas Islands, Tahiti, Fiji, Vanuatu and in this way finishing his voyage off in the Solomon Islands.The Center...

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The beautiful houses of the Corniche Kennedy

A real delight which is just a few steps away from the city center of Marseille, the Corniche Kennedy is one of the most popular tourist spots that makes you immediately fall in love with the city of Marseille.Visitors to Marseille are invited to spend a few moments, even moments away, to discover the charms of this treasure of the world. In fact, the Corniche Kennedy has this natural gift to really blow away its visitors just for a small...

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The unmissable Places in Marseille

A beautiful small town of art and culture, Marseille has more than one treasure that you can discover. Smart and elegant, this great French city remains faithful to its past and has constantly revitalized the historical traces that have accumulated over its 26 centuries of existence.Marseille has always made its visitors flit around with its famous unavoidable places that you really don’t have to miss. Having a look around the city not exhaustive ...The Old Port in the center of...

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