Find your holiday rentals in Marseille

When we think about Provence, we immediately think "Marseille", a city about which everybody has a different opinion. We often forget that Bouches du Rhône is also part of the Provence with its lavender fields, its crickets, its crystal clear water lakes, its mountain scenaries, and beaches end. 

Provence is "a world in itself." And that's how we imagine a holiday in Marseille. Indeed, "Bouches du Rhone" has not only one city. 30 kilometres from Marseille, you can discover the beautiful city of Aix en Provence, the "bourgeoise Provencal" city, very different from its neighbours. The Aix area is also composed with beautiful villages such as Fuveau or Ventabren in which you can also organize your holiday rental in Provence, a few kilometers from the top Mediterranean beaches. If you compare Aix en Provence to Marseille, then you will understand the paradox of this French region, calm and agitated at the same time. This is what people definitely like there.

Nevertheless, Provence is a true paradise for those taking the time to organise their holiday in Marseille carefully. Wonderful little villages are available to you during your holiday on the Mediterranean coast, starting with Cassis, a former fishing village and now one of the most popular resorts! Cassis is located next to Marseille. You escape from a large city to reach turquoise water creeks. Take some time to discover the Calanques and be prepared to walk. You will then deserve a Pastis, the local drink. Cassis is made of small colorfull houses, narrow streets and nice shops. It is a good place to visit late afternoon when the heat falls and Provence wakes up again! 

If Cassis is the most famous village, you should not neglect Auriol or Aubagne, two beautiful cities located nearby. Provence is made of cities with very different atmospheres despite the short distances between them. In the east the Etang de Berre and Martigues, a colorful city composed with multiple channels and named "Little Venice". In the west of Martigues, the Côte Bleue, an amazing coastal area including beautiful villages such as Carry le Rouet or Sausset les Pins.

The "Blue Coast" can be a nice alternative to the more famous villages of Provence is you wish to organise your holiday in Marseille area. Marseille generate mixed feelings. Either you love it, either you hate the capital of the Bouches du Rhône!

If you do not have any enthusiasm in spending you next holiday in Provence and in Marseille in particular , My Home in also covers other destinations you may like. You can therefore organise your holiday rental in Cannes, your holiday rental in Nice or your holiday rental in Corsica. Through My Home In, you can also organise your holiday accommodation Deauville or your holiday accommodation in Ile de re.