The beautiful houses of the Corniche Kennedy

A real delight which is just a few steps away from the city center of Marseille, the Corniche Kennedy is one of the most popular tourist spots that makes you immediately fall in love with the city of Marseille.

Visitors to Marseille are invited to spend a few moments, even moments away, to discover the charms of this treasure of the world. In fact, the Corniche Kennedy has this natural gift to really blow away its visitors just for a small walk on its promenade!

From here you can see the Old Port and the Mucem as much as you want! It is absolutely breathtaking while you are discovering the stunning view overlooking the sea ... It is simply magical! At every place you go, you will find beautiful settings like those on the postcards. You can also get a small wellness outing by strolling through the enchanting lanes of Endoume while breathing the sea air that breaks from the beach Marseille.

Great lovers of walking will feel like they were home at the Kennedy Corniche. It is the favorable place to walk and contemplate from afar the archipelago of Friuli. And why not, if you have the opportunity, you can stop along the coves and go for a dip in a water of a beautiful gradation of blue.

The cove of Malmousque or the Vallon of the Auffes are real heavenly rooms for sunbathing or just to sit down in order to read your book while being rocked by the songs of the sea and the breezes of the wind. You might well realize that these stations really exist in Marseille but every time, it seems like you come to this place by chance, with this small feeling of satisfaction to have found a little bit of the world secret and paradisiacal.

The villa of Gaby Deslys

Also named Villa Gaby, it is certainly one of the most popular and most beautiful houses of the Corniche Kennedy in Marseille. The villa is located in the 7th arrondissement and is located at 299, just near the Château Berger, the Maretier and Villa Valmer.

The house has an Italian-style and contains a wealth of priceless values. Its furniture, its garden, its statues of stone as well as its view over the harbor of Marseilles makes of the villa of Gaby Deslys one of the most beautiful properties in  Marseille. Being painted in a white color, the house is in possession of 15 rooms, currently reserved mostly to doctors of international renown.

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