The festivities in Marseille

"Jack London" at the Center of the Old Charity in Marseille

It is a festivity that helps to create value and to pay tribute to Jack London. The Center of the Old Charity dedicates a unique and particular exhibition telling the adventures of the writer in the South Seas.

In the years 1907 and 1909, Jack London undertook several voyages, beginning with Hawaii, the Marquesas Islands, Tahiti, Fiji, Vanuatu and in this way finishing his voyage off in the Solomon Islands.

The Center of the Old Charity has selected some works by the artist to describe his career: photographic representation, antique digital objects, etc. In order to make the occasion an exceptional day, a documentary film will also be screened, a great audiovisual project prepared for years and created specially to pay tribute to Jack London.

HeroFestival in Marseille

The HeroFestival in Marseille is a festivity that brings together all amateurs, specialists, collectors, professionals and artists from the field of heroes and superheroes. It is a sort of transgenerational show that create value to the 7th art.

During the festival you will find several galleries displaying comics, mangas, comics, long and short films and video games. You can also participate by doing cosplay and putting yourself in the place of your favorite superhero.

The Festival With Time in Marseille

It is a festivity intended in tribute to Léo Ferré. It is a celebration that takes place at the Espace Julien which gives an important place to the French and francophone song.

The Festival of Calanques and Bubbles in Marseille

Orchestrated by the students of the school of management Kedge Business School in Luminy, this festivity of comic book gathered on the campus more than thirty passionates about French and Belgian comics.

During the event, you will discover authors, illustrators, bookshop owner, publishers, second-hand book sellers and collectors of figurines, so much in love and ready to reveal their artistic paths.

Celebration of Nature

It is a on a global scale festivity that points out thousands of free events in the heart of the natural environment. The event brings together passionate professionals and volunteers and it welcomes families, associations, schools, recreation centers and the general public.

Everyone is encouraged to take part in this festival, which grant special importance the riches of nature and to take advantage of the spring. Each year, more than one million participants come to the world to attend the Celebration of nature in Marseille.

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