The harbor of Marseille

The superb harbor of Marseille advances favorable conditions of navigation. The Frioul archipelago is a first-class tourist resort housing a variety of species of singular birds as well as an preserved endemic flora.

The history of the Phocaean city goes back to the earliest Antiquity. Under the harbor, a thousand and one treasures bring happiness to the underwater archaeologists. There are wrecks of all periods. Despite the many discoveries, the seabed will never reveal all their secrets.

The great personalities of which Major Cousteau, precursor of underwater archeology with the research of the Grand Conglué in 1952, already contributed Albert Falco who was elected captain of La Calypso to Luc Vanrell, boat designer who discovered the existence the Lightning P38, the Saint-Exupéry plane near the island of Riou, passing by Henri Germain Delauze, founder and responsible for underwater work and the Comex insurer, Georges Beuchat, creator of the first underwater gun or François Clouzot, owner of a department store at the Vieux Plongeur ... All his great men are familiar with the abyss of the harbor of Marseilles.

This exceptional site can be visited in several ways. The boat ride is a perfect way to explore the harbor of Marseille, in case you want to leave from the Old Port. As soon as you leave, you will discover an entirely different image of the second largest French city. Be dazzled whille looking at its islands of Friuli whose most famous is the If with its emblematic castle.

The castle must certainly evoke you a beautiful story: the Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas. If you appreciate the refined strolls, you will probably be interested in the excursions on board a sailboat guaranteeing you moments of relaxation and change of scene.

The visit begins at the park of the calanques so that the guests can contemplate the beauty of Marseille for a long time. The boat then crosses the exceptional harbor and makes a stopover in the Archipelago of Riou so that the passengers can eat and apreciate a good cocktail and the view that are available to them. Drinks and TI punch are warmly served by the crew.

A a point of interest : More than 2600 years ago, the Old Port of Marseille represented a kind of creek called the Lacydon. The harbor site still holds an important place in the history of the city, and the roadstead was one of the main sources of tourism that gave Marseille a name.