Good restaurants in Marseille

Traveling to Marseilles and not tasting a bouillabaisse would be a pity,  but it is still necessary to know which establishment you have to request. In the city of Marseille, the restaurants are numerous ... There is something to suit all tastes.

But as in almost all major French cities, Marseille also has a lot of corners, renowned to be real tourist traps where you can taste local specialties that have only the reputation, but not really the flavor ...

To find a better table without understanding Marseilles, is to face a possible misadventure, because the good addresses are rarely those on which one has the opportunity to visit first, especially in the villages frequented this town of Bouches- du-Rhône.

If you want to have something to eat by tasting a meal that smells the Provence between spicy vegetables, aioli, cheeses of small producers and fresh fish of the day, while drinking you a good wine, you will just have to look further more. In this context, we have gathered for you a brief list of good restaurants in Marseille that are only worth your visit!

Pascal's Kitchen

Pascal's Kitchen is a wonderful corner in Pointe Rouge. It gives this stunning view in front of the sea that you will appreciate particularly for its exotic side! Its glamorous and modern decor makes of the restaurant a pleasant place for family outings, with friends or as a couple.

Its menu overflows with a long list of French and Thai specialties, an association that gives real pleasure to gourmets, happy and satisfied while having a look at the well-stocked menu... Pascal's Kitchen is the ideal place that will allow you to taste good Thai chicken skewers with as a supplement, the big chicken cooked in a banana leaf.

If you are looking for a more refined dish, you can swing your choice towards the Grapefruit and Shrimp Salad. For the greedy ones, you will be enchanted by Pasta with Sea Cigales, a Kobe Beef, Salmon Pave or Linguines. You will be received warmly, therefore, do not miss to go to this address!

The Miramar

The Miramar is one of the most emblematic signs in Marseille. It is located at the Vieux Port and is famous for its bouillabaisse and its refined cuisine. Held by a great culinary professional, this gourmet corner is the perfect place for a journey of exotic flavor!

When you sit on the Miramar's table, be surprised by the creativity and specialty of the dishes. The establishment make all Marseille and its international clientele happy. Free - choice, only fish and shellfish!

As first course, you can have a caviar from Aquitaine accompanied by a nice mashed potatoes rattes with olive oil. Do you want to come and taste it? You are right to go to the Miramar where you can taste the best paninis with truffles concocted in the "estran ciné".

Cassis and Aix-en-Provence, two treasures near Marseille

Marseille, the Bohemian and Phocaean city of France, is a real invitation to tourism that will allo you to discover as many splendors united in a single village of treasure. It is the second largest city of the metropolis after Paris and is located in the south-east of the country at the edge of the Mediterranean.

Like any other French city, Marseille is also rich in exceptional treasures that really deserve to be granted a few moments, even just a few minutes ... Cassis and Aix-en-Provence, who really they are ?