The unmissable Places in Marseille

A beautiful small town of art and culture, Marseille has more than one treasure that you can discover. Smart and elegant, this great French city remains faithful to its past and has constantly revitalized the historical traces that have accumulated over its 26 centuries of existence.

Marseille has always made its visitors flit around with its famous unavoidable places that you really don’t have to miss. Having a look around the city not exhaustive ...

The Old Port in the center of Marseille

One of the best opportunities to contemplate the Old Port of Marseille is in the early morning when the first light of day is painted on the old facades of the buildings. Also take advantage of your morning hike to see the fishermen coming at the famous fish market.

Notre Dame de La Gare

This beautiful building is raised to 162 m of altitude on the highest hill of the city. It was also given the name of the "Good Mother" because a legend says that she has a kind of protective aura to surround the city. Notre-Dame-de-la-Gare is made of polished and colored stones made of limestone and green granite. It is separated into two distinct sections: the crypt and the upper church.

The district Noailles

It is certainly one of the most coveted districts of the whole city of Marseille. It is more recommended that you stop off at that place, preferably in the morning. It turns out that this is the only village that reflects the true image of Marseille. It is a colorful city, delicious where reigns an effervescent multiculturalism. When you arrive in Noailles, treat yourself to a moment of gentleness at Chez Sauveur, one of the must-see addresses which is worth a visit! Traditional pizzas concocted and cooked in the same way since 1943 are served in this place.

The islands of Friuli

The archipelago of Friuli looks like a magnificent pendant belted in the flare - out of the arms of the harbor and provides a delightful and wild getaway. In order to discover the archipelago of Friuli, give priority to an adventure on board a boat, an ideal option that will allow you to contemplate the famous castle that makes its fame. If you want even more sensation, you can engage in a session of discovery of the twists and turns of the famous Count of Monte Cristo. In these places, you go through the exact place where the illustrious hero of Alexander Dumas's novel, who, unjustly, was serving a heavy penalty, but eventually escaped.

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