Water sports in Marseille

A wildly excited atmosphere invades the Marseille beaches as soon as the summer rears its head. Hustle and bustle, music and of course all sorts of winter sports prevail on the shores of Marseille where more than 200 000 visitors meet to make the most of their holidays.

Attend the great winter sports tournament in Marseille, it's like living exclusively the competitions that almost look like those of California. Entries are free so that everyone can participate.

Every year, the opening of the season begins with a great concert at the edge of one of the beaches of Marseilles that will start the competitions of the winter sports. It is a great festivity where sea, generous sun, passion and music are merging ... A great moment not-to-be missed!

This opening marks among other things the beginning of the season and is presented in English as being the main "celebration of inauguration on the beach". It often starts around 4 pm and kicks off the 10 days of competition, as well as the discovery of the winter sports on land such as skateboarding, BMX and scooters, winter sports in the sky of which the free fall and the winter sports on sea of ​​which the snowfreestyle is the best known.

Every year, more than 100 professionals from 20 countries, but also 3,000 enthusiasts will compete in several disciplines. One of the most anticipated events of all is the Red Bull Bowl Rippers, one of the parts of the World Championship skateboard in Marseille.

Recently converted, the Prado bowl is one of the ideal tracks where the best champions will compete throughout the world. For those who are not used to winter sports, you should know that there are also initiation booths to learn all sorts of disciplines. During the 10 days of the Festival, the learning will be free.

It is also a great opportunity that will allow you to rub shoulders with the champions in the partner village. The festival of the winter sports in Marseilles was designed to create value to the passion, but also the values ​​that it carries. Each season, the Marseille city receives the world-renowned elites working in all disciplines.

Also, more than 100,000 spectators attend the great tournament and do not hesitate to animate the beach with their applause and encouragement. Also, the Festival offers a musical rendezvous enhanced by international DJs who perform every evening to put the mood to the winter sport tournament.