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Holiday in Marseille

When preparing a short weekend or a few days of holidays in Marseille or elsewhere, the question of accommodation is always at the center of debates. Today, vacation rentals are booming and competition is increasingly rough between classic hotels, guest houses, lodges and any other type of accommodation.

In Marseille too, offers of vacation rentals are numerous, some more tempting than others. It is therefore natural that we pay special attention and see together what are the different types of holiday rentals that can be found in the city of Marseille.

First, let's talk about downtown apartments. As Marseille is a large urban center, apartment rental deals are naturally more important than other types of holiday accommodation. In general, apartments for rent are located in the downtown areas.

There are plenty of apartments for rent in the most emblematic places of Marseille such as the Old Port, Le Panier, Le Pharo, Roucas-Blanc and Marseille Vélodrome. The demand is quite important and it is mostly solitary tourists or couples who are interested in this first type of housing.

For holidaymakers who come with their family or friends, that is to say in groups of 4 to 6 people or more, they prefer to rent a house, with a greater capacity than that an apartment. As for house rentals in Marseille, they are mostly concentrated in the southern districts of the city, in the 7th, 8th and 9th arrondissement.

Historically, these districts have always been holiday places of the high bourgeoisie of Marseille. As a result, many holiday homes, villas and houses have been built, to the delight of vacationers who want to rent a house where to stay.

The last type of vacation rental in Marseille on which we are going to consider is cottage rental. Do not forget that Marseille is a fishing town. In addition, coves, valleys and numerous creeks host various small picturesque fishing ports, and when one says fishing port, that also means sailors sheds.

Cottage rentals are mostly available in the south of the city, in the calanques. By choosing this type of holiday home, the holidaymaker gives himself the opportunity to reside at the seaside, often in picturesque villages in the heart of the great Marseille. He also has the immense privilege of being able to easily access the creeks, to participate in various nautical activities or to take a dip in the water at any time.