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Beaches in Marseille

Marseille has more than 55 km of coastline from the Estaque to the Cassis. Despite this wealth, the city did not have facilities allowing swimmers easy access to the sea until 1975 when the Prado beach was born.At that time, huge work was carried out to gain up to 40 hectares on the sea. The space gained now houses a vast stretch of sandy beach stretching over 2 km long, About 10 hectares. To this are added the green spaces bordering the beach and which occupy more than 26 hectares.Because of its proximity to the center of Marseille (only 8 km from the Old Port), Prado beach is one of the busiest in the entire city. Not only the tourists  come there en masse, but there are also the Marseillais themselves. The location is easy to reach and is served by two bus lines. So, we meet here many people who come to take a head in the sea, especially on weekends.Still in terms of attendance, the green areas that we mentioned above, attract hundreds and hundreds of walkers every day: families who come to picnic, young people and the youngest who come to relax , lying in the grass or sitting on benches, enjoying the great sea air.The seaside park of Prado consists of several small beaches that follow one another, giving the impression that we are dealing with a set of ten hectares. In fact, there are six distinct spots: Bonneveine Cove, Old Chapel, Borély Beach, Huveaune Beach, Prado North and South Beaches.Apart from the beaches and the gardens, other infrastructures are also present on the premises. There is, for example, the skatepark located not far from the Old Chapel which hosts every year various international competitions and which is visited every day by skateboarders, scooters, BMX and more. The facilities necessary for the comfort of plagiarists have not been neglected: toilets, showers, first aid post, ramp for disabled people, etc.