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Located in the valley of the Huveaune, at the crossroads of the great southern cities which are Marseille, Toulon and Aix-en-Provence, Aubagne is the fifth city of the Bouches-du-Rhône department. Aubagne is the birthplace of Marcel Pagnol who has chosen the neighboring hills of Garlaban as a scenery for the "Manon des sources" action. Choose a villa rental in Aubagne for your holiday!

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Holiday villas to let in Aubagne

Here are our holiday villas offers in Aubagne close to Marseille Provence. We select each holiday villa proposed in order to offer you real estate in line with our quality charter. My home in Marseille offers you also the possibility to rent and apartment in Marseille, some villas with swimming pool in Marseille but also [#lien-seo-118#]holiday home and villas in Marseille#lien-seo-118#].

Rent a villa in Aubagne for your holiday

If you opt for a holiday house rental in Aubagne, you will find that many cultural events take place every year at the bottom of the Garlaban, which gives this town the character and charm of a typical Provencal town. In addition, the historic heart of Aubagne is worth a visit, indeed many vestiges testify to this ancient medieval square such as the church Saint Sauveur, the clock tower or the Gachiou gate. There are also the private mansions with frontages decorated with magnificent ornamentations from the 16th and 17th centuries. Aubagne holds a special place in the land of olive trees and lavender. Surrounded by the massifs of the country of Aubaine, this warm city is also ideal for the sportsmen since hiking and equestrian trails will offer you unforgettable memories. Thus, the Sainte Baume, true marvel of nature offers you an exceptional panorama on the surrounding landscapes. Finally, a holiday house rental in Aubagne also gives you the opportunity to visit the local craftsmen specialized in the production of santons because Aubagne is the capital of santons. In this respect, every year a large market in the santons in the city is organized. These little figurines of cooked clay will definitely be found in your Christmas crib. If renting a house in Aubagne does not seem to suit your desires, you can always try the experience of a holiday ouse rental in Marseille or a holiday house rental in Aix-en-provence.