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Who has never heard about the rocky inlets of Cassis? For those who do not know this jewel of the Mediterranean coast of France, take an apartment rental in Cassis and go off to explore one of the most beautiful natural sites in France. Cassis is a small village located between Marseille and La Ciotat. The rocky inlets of Cassis separated Marseilles from Cassis. Choose your apartment rental in Cassis.

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Holiday apartments to let in Cassis

Here are our holiday apartments offers in Cassis close to Marseille Provence. We select each holiday apartment proposed in order to offer you real estate in line with our quality charter. My home in proposes also holiday villas in Cassis.

Rent an apartment in Cassis for a holiday

If you rent an apartment in Cassis for a few days, you will have the opportunity to browse the site up and down and maybe to push up to Marseille. When you arrive from Cassis, you will then fall on the small village of Goudes - which is famous especially through the novels of the writer of Marseille Jean Claude Izzo, now a deceased person. An apartment rental in Cassis means to allow yourself the luxury of visiting the rock inlets of Sormiou, Sugiton (in which there are small restaurants where it is so pleasant to have lunch), the rocky inlet d'en Vau, Impressive cliffs, not forgetting that of Port Miou, a small 'natural' port located just a stone's throw from Cassis. If you have the opportunity to rent an apartment in Cassis, we highly recommend you take a boat trip. Certainly, this will not get you out of the classical tourist trails, but it is the best way to become aware of what the creeks really are. Just as stunning from the land view as from the sea view ! Fortunately, Cassis is not limited to its creeks. Cassis is a delightful little village with its many 'trendy' shops, its pretty harbor with many restaurants, some of which are truly worth a visit. And then renting an apartment in Cassis is the perfect base camp for the exploration of the towns and villages in the vicinity, starting with the Phocaean city and its famous MUCEM, or the city of La Ciotat, known, in particular, for its shipyard, which at that time get itself so much talked about. Renting an apartment in Cassis also opens the doors of the VAR. A few steps from Cassis, Saint Cyr les Lecques, Bandol or Sanary are also worth a visit. Finally, if you are staying in Cassis, do not miss to take a ride through the beak of the eagle, this famous cliff located in the east of Cassis and on which is installed the semaphore  that keeps watch over the maritime traffic. Seen from the sea, this cliff forms a true eagle's beak which is worth its name. If renting an apartment in Cassis does not seem to be the ideal solution for you to spend your next holiday in the Bouches du Rhone, quite simply because you feel more urban, then you may be interested in renting an apartment On Marseille, or renting an apartment on Martiques or renting an apartment in Aix en Provence. Whatever might be your choice, we do not doubt that you will be delighted with your stay in the Bouches du Rhone. This department is definitely worth a visit.