Holiday in Marseille

Water sports in Marseille

A wildly excited atmosphere invades the Marseille beaches as soon as the summer rears its head. Hustle and bustle, music and of course all sorts of winter sports prevail on the shores of Marseille where more than 200 000 visitors meet to make the most of their holidays.Attend the great winter sports tournament in Marseille, it's like living exclusively the competitions that almost look like those of California. Entries are free so that everyone can participate.Every year, the opening of the season begins with a great concert at the edge of one of the beaches of Marseilles that will start...

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The unmissable Places in Marseille

A beautiful small town of art and culture, Marseille has more than one treasure that you can discover. Smart and elegant, this great French city remains faithful to its past and has constantly revitalized the historical traces that have accumulated over its 26 centuries of existence.Marseille has always made its visitors flit around with its famous unavoidable places that you really don’t have to miss. Having a look around the city not exhaustive ...The Old Port in the center of MarseilleOne of the best opportunities to contemplate the Old Port of Marseille is in the early morning when the...

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